Electronic Design Automation Technical Committee

Number of members: 14 companies


To research the trend of EDA technology and its standardization in semiconductor field in cooperation with international organizations for standardization, and making proposals for resolution of technological issues.

More specifically:

The Electronic Design Automation Technical Committee conducts various activities on Electronic Design Automation for electronic equipments, focusing on LSI design technology which decides performances/functions of electronic equipments.
The most important purpose of the committee is the research and review of the trend of LSI design technology and the related information, and to make proposals for issue resolution.
The next important is to contribute to the standardization activities regarding EDA technology and to cooperate with organizations concerned.
The committee examines proposals for standardization, makes technical proposals, and hold exchange events as part of the international activities for standardization by IEEE or IEC etc.
The third important activity is to organize and/or support a event aimed at promoting EDA technology and standardization.
The committee annually holds "Electronic Design and Solution Fair" on January, which is the only comprehensive exhibition featuring design technologies used for electronic equipments in Japan.

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