Semiconductor International Affairs Committee

Number of members: 9 companies


  1. To promote international cooperation among world semiconductor industries through WSC.
    and to conduct international activities for the sound and orderly semiconductor industry development.
  2. To remove trade barriers by proposing a solution for the semiconductor trade issue to GAMS.
  3. To provide international activities relevant to environmental concerns, protection of intellectual property rights, and technical cooperation with the international cooperation.


The Semiconductor International Affairs Committee has provided international cooperation through WSC and GAMS, promoted the revised tariff classification of Multichip ICs, requested the negotiation for China VAT refund policy, and proposed the rule to prevent counterfeit goods.

International conferences

  • GAMSFGovernments / Authorities Meeting on Semiconductors
    Annual meeting, held in Lisbon, Portugal in 2008
  • WSC: World Semiconductor Council
    Annual meeting, held in Chinese Taipei in 2008
  • JSTC: Joint Steering Committee
    Three times a year, held in Chinese Taipei and Lisbon in 2008 and Gifu, Japan in 2009

Subordinate Committees

  1. Semiconductor International Trade Committee
Alert on Semiconductor Counterfeits JEITA Guideline for F-GHG EDA SMTJ