Alert on Semiconductor Counterfeits

JEITA-JSIA, working through its membership in the World Semiconductor Council (WSC), endorses the development of measures to address the threat of counterfeit semiconductor products. The development of anti-counterfeiting measures is JEITA-JSIAfs highest priority.

Counterfeit products in all markets have substantially increased worldwide in recent years. The threat imposed by the increasing presence of counterfeit products is especially serious in the semiconductor industry. In addition to damaging the economics and reputational integrity of our industry, semiconductor counterfeits could pose serious health, safety and security risks to consumers and the public at large as semiconductor products perform core functions in numerous devices, including cellular phones, medical equipment, automobiles and satellites.

In November 2008, Customs Authorities in the United States and the European Community conducted a joint operation in which more than 400,000 semiconductor counterfeits were seized. Some of the seized products were fraudulently marked with the brand names of our member companies. Other reports refer to the cases where semiconductor counterfeits caused the malfunction of electronic devices. Thus, in many instances, semiconductor counterfeits not only infringe on the intellectual property rights of the legitimate owners, but they would also not perform the intended functions.

We are committed to fight against semiconductor counterfeits. We will take appropriate measures to prevent them from being marketed. In addition, you should understand the risks and threats posed by counterfeits. It is a matter of the highest importance to be alert to semiconductor counterfeits and to take steps to confirm the authenticity of products that you purchase.

* World Semiconductor Council (WSC) currently consists of Semiconductor Industry Associations of China, Chinese Taipei, Europe, Korea, Japan and the United States. The purpose of the WSC is to promote cooperative semiconductor industry activities, to facilitate the healthy growth of the industry from a long term, global perspective. The WSC works on issues of importance to the world semiconductor industry such as environment, protection of intellectual properties and trade and makes policy recommendations to the relevant governments/authorities.

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