Greeting from the Chairperson of the Semiconductor Board

Yasuhiro Ueda
Takeshi Kamebuchi,
Chairperson, Semiconductor Board (JSIA)

Semiconductor devices are used in almost all electrical products around us. Not only that, they operate in communication infrastructure we use smartphones with, in cars or trains, in AI(Artificial Intelligence) of these days, and so on. Semiconductors are indispensable for our lives. This seems to have become well known than before, for example, five years ago.

It is supposed that people knew the importance of semiconductors mainly by the news and media reports, and it means that semiconductors have been largely affected by the social changes in the last few years. The worldwide shortage of semiconductors which occurred during the corona crisis showed not only the problem of demand/supply gap but also the problem of supply chain of semiconductors. The global trade conflict in which semiconductors were treated as a strategic product made semiconductors linked to geopolitical risk or economic security.

The social conditions and the international environment surrounding semiconductors are thus becoming more complex. In these circumstances JEITA Semiconductor Board (JSIA), which consists of chip manufacturers and semiconductor related companies, is committed to activities such as policy proposals related to semiconductors, human resource development, initiatives toward trade issues, promotion of standardizations, and response to environmental problems to solve various problems common to semiconductor industry. It also cooperates with semiconductor industry associations in overseas and collaborate with the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) to deliver proposals to Government/Authorities Meeting on Semiconductors (GAMS).

We will continue to promote activities together with our members for the growth of semiconductor industry in Japan to contribute to digital innovation and green innovation of our society. We would appreciate your further understanding and support.

August 2023

Takeshi Kamebuchi
Chairperson, Semiconductor Board (JSIA)
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

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